What exactly IS being a “good wife”?  Well, it means different things to different people.  But I think most people can agree that being in a loving relationship means being patient, attentive, forgiving, nurturing, supportive, sometimes self-less. It means seeing what the other person needs and showing your love by trying to give it to them.   (Funny…the same can be said of motherhood.)

Something I greatly enjoy doing is attending to my husband. Maybe that means putting on a beautiful dress for no special reason except to “delight his eyes”…or being patient & forgiving when he shows up late and leaves me waiting on him – literally!

It’s something I know he needs and I see it as a gesture of love for him (no different than being available and attentive to my children).   There are so many times that I fall short of this lofty goal — daily — but the practice makes me keep reaching for the most loving version of myself.  And you can never go wrong with that as a goal.
It’s also an interesting way to live in my most feminine place — something that actually makes me feel quite loving and powerful.  How can doing something as archaic as making myself beautiful for him or packing his suitcase for a business trip make me feel powerful, you ask?!

Every aspect of my life is so driven by ME — the way I parent, my career, my social life — that being “subservient” to my husband is actually a relief from being so “in charge” all the time.    It softens me and adds to the juiciness between us. And it makes him feel loved and cared for, which means he’s more attentive to me in return. The chemistry of our “roles” is something that we try to make work for us, not against us.   Some time ago I read a book that changed my whole understanding of men and women — “Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida.  It’s filled with some pretty revolutionary ideas about how important “polarity” is between men and women in order to keep the flame alive.

Taking a different perspective to traditional ideas is my secret working with the challenges of being married in the modern world.  There are so many interesting books out there full of ideas for lovers to draw upon….


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Expand your Mind, Expand your Heart… xxx, Leah

Photography by Ziv Sade.

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