At the Venice Supper Club our passion is bringing all types of experiences to our guests… everything from a naughty masquerade to this Sacred Tea Ceremony evening.  We love to celebrate all senses and all aspects of the human experience.

This evening is one of my favorites because it’s Ladies Only and we always feel amazing afterward.  The silence, the hypnotic quality of the Tea Ceremony, and the meditation set the stage for a beautiful evening of relaxation, connection, and laughter.   That’s the feeling I am always hoping to create with my work.

It’s an honor to host this goddess, Baelyn Elspeth, as she mindfully and gracefully conducts a one hour Living Tea Ceremony.  Baelyn is someone I really admire because of her deep commitment to an inner truth that led her to find this practice of Sacred Tea Meditation.  She shares it with us in a very humble, but enchanting way. Watch this beautiful video to learn more about Baelyn and the Way of Tea:

After the ceremony, it’s my turn to give some love to the ladies with my White Magic Menu, which is a nourishing and beautiful version of a Noodle Bar, where everyone gets to create their own customized broth bowl.

Ladies leave the Venice Supper Club with new perspectives and new friends.  And usually some sort of a special gift — this time it was a VSC Members necklace and Love Key. For a behind the scenes look visit Creating a Sacred Tea Ceremony!

This is a recurring series we host, usually on the Full Moon of each month.  To inquire about the next one, email

Photography by Ziv Sade.

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