Soft Egg is one of my favorite things to add to almost anything, day or night.  In the morning on top of sautéed kale or in the evening on top of pasta with wild mushrooms.  Its a great alternative to meat, adding substance and nourishment to any meal.
However…there is an art to cooking a perfectly soft egg. It’s very simple but the instructions must be followed diligently.  And don’t skip the “ice bath” step!
How to:
Fill a medium size sauce pan 2/3 of the way full and heat water to a rolling boil.  Add a large dash of sea salt.
Prepare the ice bath.  In a medium sized bowl place 3 large handfuls of ice and fill with enough water to cover the ice. About half full.  Let sit nearby.  You will plunge the eggs directly into this ice bath to stop the cooking process and keep the egg soft.
When water is boiling, place the egg in a ladle or other large spoon and gently let it go into the boiling water.  Don’t let it crack on the way down.  Repeat with other egg.  COOK FOR SIX MINUTES!  Use a timer…. and be ready to remove from water and put into the ice bath.  Let them rest there for 10 minutes or so and only remove shells right before serving.  Cut in half and serve yolk side up.  Sprinkle with salt & pepper for flavor and texture.
Perfection! xxx, Leah