The bright green and sacred spiral design of the Romanesco plant fascinates me.  Cut it in half and roast it with salt and pepper for a simple snack or side dish.  This is something you can pop in the oven and eat alone or make for a beautiful, healthy Ladies Lunch.  Serve with hummus for dipping and sprinkle with sumac for color.  This perfect food doesn’t need much to bring out its nutty, flavor. And it looks gorgeous when cut in a way to display its natural design.
Unexpected, simple, beautiful, nourishing.  Eat it.
How to:
  • Heat oven to 450.
  • Count one romanesco per person.
  • Trim stem and cut in half, lengthwise.
  • Lightly coat baking pan with olive oil, sprinkle romanesco with salt, place cut side down and lightly drizzle a bit more oil.
  • Bake uncovered for 10 minutes; check bottom for browning.  You want it to get browned and softened but not overcooked.

Done.  Serve it with love on a beautiful plate.  Add a dipping sauce of hummus or lemon vinaigrette.  xxx, Leah

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