Mothers are often the “task masters” of the family while Daddy gets to read stories, play hide and seek and all kinds of fun things with the kids.  At least that’s how it is in our house!  It’s like… because we carried these little beings in our bellies, we are naturally, biologically, more programmed for keeping the ship afloat.  Family life is a rocky road and Moms are more often at the wheel, needing to keep it steady and secure.  That’s not always the most FUN job but it’s necessary for everyone’s sanity!

Sometimes at the end of a long week I find myself tense and feeling like I’ve been a task-master for days on end — getting them up, dressed, fed, and to school on time.  Pick ups, playdates and late afternoon tears followed by dinner, bath & bedtime.  I’m exhausted mostly because I haven’t stopped to just PLAY with them.  Simple, uninterrupted quality time on the floor just being silly is what feeds my soul and makes me feel closer to them in a deep way.  Running a household isn’t conducive to stillness.  It requires constant movement, shuffling, ducking and diving.  It’s so important to just STOP.  Put on the record player with an old album, play Legos, wrestle, draw in a coloring book.  Just be a kid again — along side them.  That’s where my best relationship-building stems from with my children.  When we all feel filled up in that way, there are no power struggles, no melt downs, no disciplining.  Just living in the flow and loving each other.  Everything else takes care of itself when we’re in that place.

I don’t get much time to sit and read these days but when I do…. These are a few of my favorite Motherhood books, including “Playful Parenting” by Laurence J. Cohen.

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