It’s been said that motherhood is the ultimate yoga. I couldn’t agree more. In every moment, there are mental challenges and our choices in those moments determine if we are nurturing or damaging the relationship with out children. Moment by moment we can react with love or fear to whatever is coming up.  When I’ve been chanting for several minutes but haven’t yet broken through the mental noise, this voice comes up that says, “I can’t take this for one more second!“. If I believe that voice, my mind weakens and I have less energy to continues.  The same is true for interacting with my twins.

Like all mamas, one of the biggest challenges for me is maintaining sanity while getting them off to school.  Working against the clock gets me all keyed up anyway and combining that with getting two children fed, dressed, and out the door can make me feel like I am herding squirrels while trying to disengage a time bomb.  It’s stressful!
A few years ago I decided to make this into a spiritual experience. Better to use the irritation for self reflection than let it take me down. This is the perfect real life situation to strengthen our serenity muscles.  We can meditate on a mountaintop for days on end, starve ourselves in the name of devotion, and seek “enlightenment” in a million other ways.  But if we can’t get through each day’s challenges with love and joy, what good is it?
School life has rules but why do we have to be a slave to them or make ourselves feel less than if we fall short occasionally? What if I made the decision that it doesn’t matter if they finish their breakfast and it doesn’t matter if they are late? What if I just accepted that I am going to be the mom brushing teeth on the sidewalk outside of school every single day??!!!  Maybe, just maybe the effect would be a more fun, more relaxed, more joyful Mommy……..  Is it really that important?
Each of these potentially hellish or heavenly mornings is a simple reminder to let go of the results and enjoy the moments instead.   Setting a peaceful example for our children is more important than anything else, even if the clock says otherwise. xxx, Leah

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