No one needs a Sacred Space like a busy Mama.  As the Architects of Family Life, we need a spot to call our own — somewhere that no little hands touch, where everything stays just as we left it.  A place to come to before the madness of the day begins and to return to after a long day.  For years we had this sad little concrete patio off our bedroom until one day recently I realized its potential.  The inspiration struck like lightening and I began putting down fluffy rugs, lighting candles, laying out crystals and lighting incense — all that “Venice” stuff I like to do!  The space was completely transformed into a little sanctuary.  I think what I love most about creating spaces like this is the way it represents our inner transformation as well.  When the environment supports our desired state of mind, it feels a little easier to be that Zen Mama we all wish we were….

Be Inspired.
xxx, Leah

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