Sometimes in life you come across a piece of art or other creation that is so mind blowing it completely expands your idea of what is POSSIBLE.  The Mayan Warrior art car is one such creation.  This massive rolling piece of art is one of the crown jewels of the Burning Man world, with it’s cutting edge light effects, world class DJs, psychedelic neon panels, and tribal-futuristic cult following.

Envisioned and created by a group of prominent Mexicans (businessmen, digital artists, tech geniuses, musicians, painters,and stylists) this not just a flashy show.  It’s more of a cosmic creation, an immersive experience blending the ancient mysteries of the Mayan culture with a futuristic vision of a Utopian life where love makes everything possible. If you’ve ever taken psychedelics, you might know what I mean…..
We were lucky at Burning Man this year when our dear friend and legendary visionary artist Alex Grey (who painted the front of the Mayan Warrior in his signature cosmic-trippy style) took us aboard for a night of dancing and revelry right next to the DJ booth, with an insane view of the Man burning while thousands of people gathered around to bask in the sound and light show that bathed the Playa in pure magic.
Inspired by this experience, we decided to join the upcoming Ondalinda Festival in Costa Careyes, Mexico, where the Mayan Warrior will be parked on the beautiful Teopa beach, providing the centerpiece for an incredible weekend of Burning Man vibes on a completely different kind of playa.  It’s a perfect setting for something so Out Of This World.  Careyes is a place that embodies all the same principles and magic – Utopian sensibilities, majestic beauty, cosmic architecture, and a kaleidoscope of color.  Adding to all of this: the event is taking place during the Dia De Los Muertos and will be focused on the Mexican native Huichol culture with an extensive art exhibition, craft fair, installations, and documentary screening in the main plaza.   This is next-level.
Several large scale evenings are also in the works, beginning with a all-white candlelit party on the Careyes Polo grounds and building up to the Night of Samadhi, a Mayan-Cosmic themed dance event on the sand & under the stars which will begin with a Huichol blessing and continue into an ecstatic experience of the Mayan Warrior.
Truthfully, I’ve never been very interested in electronic music.  I’m more of a classic rock and reggae kind of girl. But being plunged into the world of the Mayan Warrior changed all that.  The music takes you on a soundscape journey that is at once tribal and digital. It’s a crazy cool mix of future-past. The entire family of people who contribute to the experience – from the DJ’s to the light visionaries to the camp creators and members who comprise the Mayan Warrior crew — are clearly plugged into something much bigger than a “party”.  They are on a quest for communion and beauty expressed through a living, loving psychedelic experience.
I can’t wait for another trip with these magicians! Now the question is…. what to wear to all these amazing experiences?! Click HERE for my Mexican paradise style inspiration.  xxx, Leah
Here’s a little taste of the Mayan Warrior amazingness at a recent gathering in Tulum, Mexico.  So so beautiful!

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