Fresh juice is a big thing in our house.  It began when the children were born and I needed a lot of nutrients and hydration while feeding two infants.  As they grew, they began to help make juice at a very young age.  They wanted to touch and gnaw on the fruits and vegetables as babies and then they moved to sorting and cutting the ingredients as toddlers.  The time spent in the kitchen together is so precious — it’s ripe with moments to learn, teach, explore, create, use motor skills, exercise listening skills and patience — for both parent and child.  We get to slow down our busy adult minds and connect to this sweet curious Little One as they learn to appreciate the beauty of natural simple foods.  My kids have absolutely NO fear of Green Food Anything.  I think all that time cutting kale has paid off!

All of my juice and smoothie recipes can be made with and for children. Make some food art and serve with love.  xxx, Leah

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