Joshua Tree is about 2.5 hours and 100 lightyears away from Los Angeles.  Its a beautiful, barren desert dotted with gigantic rocks and spiky trees that have a psychedelic vibe to them.  It’s a strange, still, stunning place that has a special place in my heart; my husband whisked me away there on our first weekend date 11 years ago.
These days, we go as a family so we may not get the same deep relaxation of our pre-children visits, but we enjoy it in an entirely new way.  The kids love to rock hop in the park and on our last visit we rented an incredible geodesic dome home for the weekend.  For years we had passed that home and I always wondered what it was like inside so I was delighted when I found a listing for it on Air B n B one day.
Our days in Joshua Tree are spent reading, drawing, soaking in the hot tub, eating, and playing games.  The landscape is a great photography subject so I spend a lot of time playing with my camera and learning about light.
The bare simplicity of the desert is a great background for deep family connection; there’s not much to do except enjoy nature and each other.

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