Music has been a magical force for me all my life and I’ve always wanted to play an instrument, even if I sound awful! So a few years ago my husband and I took up the Frame Drum and ….. we aren’t exactly AMAZING, but we don’t suck, either.  In fact,  being able to create our own rhythms out of thin air and get lost in the flow together has made for some incredible experiences. Our drums have travelled the world with us — we’ve played everywhere from Vietnam to Mexico to The Maldives.  Check out the below video of us drumming inside the enormous Copa del Sol in Costa Careyes, Mexico! And with our jam-packed family life, the drums often sit neglected in the corner gathering dust but when we pick them up again, I realize that it’ s one of the most important things we’ve done to create a new shared interest outside the home.
Family life is exciting and inspiring in itself but it’s not enough to keep a relationship vibrant.  It takes effort and imagination to find new things to talk about, rather than getting into the old, “How was your day, honey?”  routine.  And even with effort, anyone can slip into that easily…….. When I get to play and create with my husband I remember what it was like to be fresh in the relationship, with no children and no real responsibilities.
Here are some ways we keep playing together:
  • The Mid-Week Afternoon Date: I put on a cute outfit, meet him for lunch near his office and get to feel like his girlfriend again.  Love it.  Need to do more often!
  • Frequent Entertaining: Together we brainstorm and create unique ideas to bring our friends together then we set about making it a reality.  The whole experience is quite fun, even if we disagree!
  • Being in nature: take a picnic and go for a walk or hike.  Something simple…even a quick hour in nature is so refreshing and makes me see him with new eyes.
  • Grocery shopping:  It sounds strange, but it’s so lovely to stroll through the market and dream up yummy food ideas together.  I usually do this alone or frenzied with children so it’s a treat to be leisurely and get inspired together.  It’s an extra bonus if he joins me to cook a bit afterward, too.
  • Juicing:  Juicing is a labor-intensive process but we’re obsessed with it.  It’s another chance to be a team while creating and enjoying something beautiful together.

The common theme here is CREATING A SHARED EXPERIENCE- giving each other that time and effort is an act of love and devotion. Then it’s back to the happy chaos of our life with twins!


We all need more inspiration on this one……xxx, Leah

Photography by Amir Magal.

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