Creating unique events for a client’s special occasion is both an honor and one of my favorite ways to creatively collaborate.  So when my gorgeous friend, Michelli Bubak of the blog InspiresMi, asked me to host her 40th Birthday at the Venice Supper Club, I knew we were going to create magic together.

Michelli’s vision was a Black Tie feast inspired by a Gypsy Caravan.  Did someone say “Gypsy”?  I’m in!

We pulled inspiration shots from Pinterest that set the tone for the evening:  dark florals, tapestries, family style cuisine, and decadent entertainment.

Our creative team of talent went to work sourcing, crafting, and creating performance art for the night.  Guests were invited to don their own interpretation of Gypsy Black Tie fashions and Michelli’s brigade of Brazilian supermodels showed up ON POINT.  Lace gowns, floral headdresses, scarves, top hats, and braids of all types paraded into the party and brought our decor to life.  For a great party, the stage must be set but the players are everything.  And those Brazilians know how to party into the wee hours looking HOT.

Our resident dancer, Erica Holland, who regularly performs with Dita Von Teese and our beloved trio of Gypsy inspired musicians were the artistic framework that took the night to another level, as guests and performers blurred the lines between party and performance art.  Adding the finishing touch with his Tribal Markings was our friend and body artist, Amir Magal.  Guests left adorned with his gorgeously sexy & mysterious marks in gold and black for a lasting memory of the celebration.

It was truly a night to remember.  xxx, Leah

Photography by Ziv Sade.

Dinner created by Chef Esdras Ochoa.

Tribal Body Markings by Amir Magal.

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