It’s 2016, people.  Sometimes Mommy needs a little Ganja Butter in her morning coffee.  Just sayin’…..
How do you get ganja butter?  Well, you could head down to your local dispensary and take a gamble on the quality of butter and Mary Jane OR you could just take the time to make your own.  It’s a handy little thing to have around so I vote for making it yourself.
Ganja Butter recipe from The Stoner’s Cookbook
In an ideal world, you could make Ganja Coconut Oil and use that… it’s a bit of a process but here’s a recipe:
Ok… now we’ve got that out of the way.
Make a cup of your favorite coffee.
Put it in a high powered blender along with 1-2 tbsp of the “special” butter.   You can also add cacao, cinnamon, honey, anything else that might make it amazing.  Get creative.  How about a Mexican Mocha Mary Jane Latte??  Yes, that can exist.
Blend it on high until it becomes very frothy.  You don’t need to add creme, even if you are a creme-with-your-coffee person.
Try it first with one Tbsp and if you want to try more next time you always can… The effect is a very mellow yet energized feeling.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever.  You are alert like coffee but very relaxed like weed.
Gooooooood Morning! xxx, Leah

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