Frida is for me the ultimate icon.  For so many reasons.  Let me count the ways…..
Her Style
Braids, flowers in the hair, layered colors and flowing fabrics, handmade items, dripping with jewelry… it’s everything I love.  Fearless, unique, smart, iconoclastic, feminine, strong, sexy in its own way.  YES.
Her Artistic Journey
From crippled to revered, Frida knew how to turn her pain into creative genius and she was a total warrior in all aspects of life.  Her art was like no one before or after and it rose to fame because it was an embodiment of her soul, pure and bare.
Her Relationship with Diego Rivera
Two geniuses alternatively inspiring and torturing each other.  Passion.  Unconventionality.  Soul mates in a twisted way.  I love a good love story.
Her involvement in the greater world
She was a leader and engaged herself in the worlds of art and politics.  She had values that she fought for and she didn’t give a damn what others thought.
Bottom line:  She was a serious badass.  Let’s take a look at her style through fashion, interior design, and art.  

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