In 2003, Floosie Lingerie hired my team to style and produce a lingerie show at the legendary Roxy Theater in Los Angeles.  Inspired by the idea of a girls dress up party, we cast a unique group of real life girls mixed with celebrities and models.  The theme was Groupies in a Hotel Room.  We set the stage of the pitch-black Roxy with a huge vintage bed covered in satin sheets, a 1920’s vanity with mirror, and an old school rotary telephone.
My amazing friend Rene Arsenault, who did all the music for my shows with DVF, created a soundtrack of classic rock hits by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Lynard Skynard.  Opening the show was “Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart as his real-life daughter Kimberly, emerged from the satin bed in nothing but a robe and sexy eye mask.
Then began the parade of models in lingerie arriving at Kimberly’s “hotel room” to get ready for the big show.
A lot of primping and pampering on stage showcased the flirty lace panties by Floosie until the real band came on stage and a full on Whitestarr show ensued.
It was a magical combination of models, music, and mayhem. This was the first performance art / fashion experience at a venue like this and it attracted great collaborations with Stila Makeup and Veuve Cliquot.
We later recreated it for Brent Bolthouse at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood.
Not all creative experiences allow for total freedom but on this project we were allowed to let our imaginations roam and real magic was sparked in that room that night.  xxx, Leah

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