Dreamcatchers have long been enchanting to me and I’ve been fantasizing about making my own version. Inspired by some amazing ones I saw in Sayulita and the endless DYI tutorials on Pinterest, we recently created our own version, hand painted and all….

Supplies needed:

  • White feathers (synthetic will work fine)
  • Assortment of acrylic paints, including white
  • A large natural branch
  • Nubuck suede strips precut (like ribbon)
  • Embroidery floss or silk rope to attach feathers to leather strips (I used gold)
  • Various sized brushes
  • A small pot of water

What to do:
Set up a nice work area with a cloth covering the table. Lay out the feathers and supplies, consider your design idea and color scheme.

Painting the feathers is really fun and calming; we all had a great time watching the colors bleed into each other and creating designs on top of the designs using the white paint. After painting, let them dry with lots of space between; the paint tends to easily transfer if they touch.

Check out this step by step tutorial on the feather painting on FreePeople (click to link), which inspired this portion of the project.

THEN…. Cut your suede strips into multiple long thin strips, double the length you would like them to ultimately be — you will be folding them in half and looping them around the branch. To start, loop the straps around the branch loosely.

Once dried, tie the painted feathers at the ends of the leather strips using the gold silk string.

Next: ATTACH THE CRYSTAL! To do this, I cut a long piece of thin twine for wrapping. Start by placing the crystal in the middle of the piece of twine, and wrap around once. Now, secure the crystal by wrapping the twine around the tree branch and crystal several times, like this:

Cut the excess twine and leather to your liking.

Voila! A modern-day dreamcatcher. Craft with love! xxx, Leah

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