This year at Burning Man was by far the most epic experience on the playa yet! We had wild, mind-expanding experiences, saw insane art and met beautiful people. Here is a photo journal of the fun:

Arriving on the playa & welcome to the Fun House….

Every picture tells a story… Check out The Temple in the background of the below photo! On the last day of Burning Man, The Temple is torched to the ground. Everything that shines brightly must enduring burning!

We are part of a wonderful burner family & camp called Cirque Gitane. Here, we share art, wild moments, free-spirited dance sessions and family meals. At Cirque Gitane, there is an organized band and dance performances who encourage the madness. This wonderful group of creatives has become part of my gypsy family since meeting on the playa years ago. A few of the gypsy band members & dancer Erica Holland frequently perform at the Venice Supper Club!

Costume and beauty looks! Check out my inspiration here.

Night life…

Here is a glimpse of the beginning of the burn:

My favorite and most incredible art car of the playa was the Mayan Warrior art car. My sweet friend Alex Grey painted the front of the art car. Here, we spent a good amount of time riding around and watching the big burn from the art car roof! Learn about the group of artists from Mexico here.

Only 360 days till Burning Man 2017! I’m already dreaming of art projects for next year… 🙂 xxx, Leah

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