I love trying and sharing new spiritual experiences with others.  At the Venice Supper Club we host a Sacred Tea Ceremony by Baelyn Elspeth on the full moon each month.  It’s a Ladies Only evening, where we take time to quiet down, drink ancient Living Tea, and get swept away in the hypnotic ceremony led by a Beautiful Goddess.
It’s so Venice of us.
When creating one of these events, it’s important to think about all aspects of the guest perspective.  How is the table set?  Is the lighting soothing?  How does the place smell?  People are vulnerable when they step into a private space with strangers to partake in a new experience.  They go a little bit out on a limb and I like to meet them with an environment that’s inviting and enchanting.
Here’s how I set the scene:
The space should be tidy and the stage should be set.  We think a lot about the table setting, starting with the centerpiece.  There’s usually some statement piece that evokes the mood of the night.  In this case we started with an iconic gold Buddha head and added lanterns from World Market alongside little thought provoking items such as self-help books and spirit animal cards.  I love to see who picks up what item and the conversation that it inspires.

The dinner table is dimly lit.

Place settings are beautiful and personal, usually with something special at for each guest.  This particular evening we gifted each lady with her own VSC Member Key.  Everyone had their own way of wearing the long gold chain. These evenings are unique moments because many of these guests have never met before, yet they’re sharing in a very intimate setting.  Part of the magic that unfolds is all the unexpected connections formed and discovered between 20 lovely ladies.
This is one of my favorite experiences to host; we all leave feeling satiated in body, mind and spirit. xxx, Leah
Photography by Ziv Sade.