It’s finally here!  Tune in to Bravo TV on April 20th at 10pm PST to see me in action on “There Goes The Motherhood”, the eye-opening new docu-series created by motherhood gurus Jill Spivak and Jennifer Waldburger of Sleepy Planet Parenting.  In this eight-part series I participate in a mommy group along with 5 other dynamic Los Angeles moms.  Through the group, we share our ups and downs of motherhood — navigating relationships, friendship, and our personal dreams.  Along the way we have playdates and parties, forging bonds and alliances as only 6 women on Bravo TV can…..  Tune in for the fun!  xxx, Leah

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  • Jennifer Johnson says:

    The episode that aired last night (May 25th) hit so close to home. I had a Mom who’s mother and grandmother never got along with each other, I am constantly at a low aggravation with my daughter Madelyn but to top it all off Leah….I have twin daughters that are named Ashlyn and Madelyn Johnson. Yes, I have “Johnson Twins” also. I have a hard time realizing I’m not my Mom and I want to change the cycle for my girls. My husband passed away 5 years ago when our twins were 18 months and when that happened I felt a huge weight on my shoulders to do everything right and make sure I was had everything together but if we are broken on the inside it’s hard to keep that poker face that everything is great. Please know that just you being on this show and speaking your truth has helped me stop and look at my own life. Keep up the amazing work Leah because you have tons of people who are in the same boat as you!

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