Situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, about 20 minutes from Careyes, lies Cuixmala, an insanely magical ecological preserve, boutique hotel, and private residence owned and operated by the billionaire bohemian family, The Goldsmiths. It’s a treasure on the Mexican Pacific Coastline!
My first experience there was a themed costume party to celebrate the Millennium New Year 2000. We drove in the pitch dark for 15 straight minutes just to get up the driveway to the main house, which appeared out of the darkness like a Moroccan Palace.  It was the most gorgeous structure in what felt like the middle of nowhere.  We descended countless steps to a spectacular pool and then the Buena Vista Social Club played live outdoors while all sorts of beautiful and interesting people danced barefoot around a bonfire on the beach.  I was 25 and my mind was blown.  These people knew how to party.
Since then I dreamed to come back one day. Eventually I did — and created a lavish Venice Supper Club travel experience at Cuixmala, bringing a group of 50 friends and children for lunch as part of a 4 day Careyes Retreat.  We were treated to a gorgeously decorated table — multicolored textiles mixed with fresh flowers, hibiscus tea, fresh coconut water, and a beautiful organic meal, all sourced from the land itself.   Zebras and gazelles galloped graciously in the surrounding lands and the Pacific Ocean crashed beneath as guests dined al fresco under a huge palapa.
This is the way things are done in Careyes…  with breathtaking beauty, ease, and imagination.  Pure Magic! xxx, Leah

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