What a fun afternoon celebration with my castmates and creators of “There Goes The Motherhood”, now airing every Wednesday on Bravo.  We hosted an Ice Cream playdate and portrait session for fans, friends, celebrities and clients of Sleepy Planet (the wonder duo Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger who created “There Goes The Motherhood” and whose groups the show is based upon).
The Mamas and Little Ones took over Au Fudge, the super stylish child-centered restaurant and play spaced owned by Jessica Biel and my dear friend and fellow stylist Estee Stanley.  Au Fudge is every mom’s dream come true — modern, chic decor, organic food, innovative workshops for kids, a tree house, a imaginative play area, and a market place with cute gifts and treats — alongside a yummy restaurant with adult fare like salads and cocktails.  YESSSSS!!!
It was a delightful afternoon mingling with all the ladies, bonding over motherhood and watching our kids go nuts after eating ice cream!
Notable ladies such as Molly Simms, Elizabeth Berkley, Jamie Lynn Siegler, Sydney Holland, and many members of the press joined us for this fun afternoon filled with sweet treats and lots of love for the show.

The best thing about being part of this show is the opportunity to connect with other women and share our collective experience of motherhood.  xxx, Leah

Photography by Ziv Sade.

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