Asparagus is one of my all-time favorite vegetables. It’s earthy, vibrant flavor is so versatile and this recipe is a perfect one for lunch on a warm spring day or as a side with a meat dish. Leftovers can be mixed in with pasta for the kids or served for breakfast with a fried egg on top. Delicious!

Ingredients – Serves 4 people (I like to double this recipe and have leftovers).

  • 1 large bunch of asparagus
  • 3 pieces of bacon or 1 cup packed with pancetta cubes
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette

How to:
In a small pot, boil some water and gently place your egg in it for 5-7 minutes to HARD BOIL it. Set aside to cool when finished. Using a cast iron pan, fry your bacon or pancetta until golden brown, then cool and drain on a paper towel. Set both ingredients aside.

Steam and blanch the asparagus: In a medium sized pot, set a stainless steamer and fill the pot with enough water to just barely touch the steamer. Cover the pot and let it begin to boil. Wash the asparagus and trim the woody ends. Get a good sized bowl of ice and water ready so you can immediately dunk the asparagus once cooked. Once water is boiling, check that it is NOT bubbling up through the steamer. The asparagus should be steamed, not boiled by the water. You don’t want the water touching the asparagus. Set the asparagus into the steamer, pinch of salt on top, close the top and let it steam for 2-3 min, NO LONGER! It should be firm, just cooked through, and bright green. You will be able to slightly smell the asparagus once it reaches this point. Take it out with tongs and immediately dunk it into the ice bath to preserve flavor, color, and firm texture. Leave in ice water for 1 minute, then remove and set aside on a dish towel.

Now layer the salad. Roughly chop the asparagus into large pieces, place in a big beautiful bowl. Sprinkle all the bacon/pancetta on top. Then peel the egg and gently remove the yolk from the center. Crumble it over the salad or use a grater. Drizzle dressing generously, and add a dash of salt and fresh cracked pepper. It can be served warm or cold.

Serve with love! xxx, Leah

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