Having Mommy-Daddy alone time is essential to a sexy relationship – especially after 10 years and two children!  One of the things I love about LA is that it allows us to run away for a night to Malibu, Ojai, or even Santa Barbara with relative ease.  Driving up the iconic PCH with it’s epic sunsets, ocean, and open sky is the perfect start to a romantic weekend. I just throw together an overnight bag and jump in the car.  Try it —You’ll feel like your husband’s girlfriend in no time.
When creating these experiences for us, I usually start by browsing the inventory on Air B n B, which offers unexpected inspiration. There I stumbled onto a list for a Malibu Dream Airstream. Boom.  What’s that?
Nestled waaaaaaayyyy up in the Santa Monica Mountains near Neptune’s Net in Malibu sits a shiny, sexy renovated Airstream with modern beautiful accents like a floor to ceiling glass panel overlooking the infinite view of the sea.
For food, make a lover’s feast of gorgeous food and delicious wine, things that don’t require much cooking.  Coffee & fruit, yogurt and granola are always good for the morning. We bring our chess board and some magazines.  Things you can’t do at home with children around!
For clothing, bring some relaxed sexy weekend basics and your toothbrush.  Travel light and feel free.  xxx, Leah

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