As a fashion stylist, I’ve worked with some tough clients.  But none as tough as my own kids!!  Hahaha!

How do you handle it when your child wants to wear a tutu over her jeans with cowboy boots and a tiara?  I say…. “EXPRESS YOURSELF!”

One thing my Mom really did right was allow me to express my imagination through fashion.  I got to play in her closet and wear whatever my heart desired.  It gave me great confidence in my choices in other areas of my life and was a language we could always relate to each other with, especially during the tough teen years.  Eventually it led to a vibrant career that I cherish.

So when my son wants to wear a red fake fur jacket from the girls department in H&M I don’t laugh at him or direct him to the boys department.  This is a chance to honor your child’s individuality and creativity.

Let them go for it!

xxx, Leah

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